Gastronomy Centre Cretan Diet "NTOUNIAS"

The idea of Gastronomy Centre Cretan Diet "NTOUNIAS" was born a few years ago when the owner Mr. Stelios Trilyrakis - professional cook - then in Chania, decided to live in the village and create his own space in which to revive the flavors knew from his grandmother and mother, the place where those FOLLOWS. To place the idea was requires two conditions: that the raw materials are products of the area (that can be produced) and to the dishes prepared in the traditional way. So laboratory was established with Parasies kitchen, stoves, oven and the necessary preparation areas, according to the rules of sanitary and food safety. So organized a family business with a small farm and orchards, the fields produced in the traditional family in wine, oil and honey. Moreover organized cooperation with neighbors, who would supply what the owner has not been able to produce, especially for meat and milk. Traditional Culinary Center Cretan Diet "NTOUNIAS" created in Drakona Keramia.